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With all of today’s new technology finding a good pair of waders isn’t all that hard. However, the dilemma most anglers are faced with is cost.

Depending on whether or not you want to buy boot-foot or stocking-foot, you could spend upwards of $500 JUST on waders. We’ve priced a few different options and here are the best value waders on the market:

Boot-foot Waders

Most novice fly-fishermen started out with a pair of boot-foot waders. This is primarily because of their low cost.

Advantages of boot-foot waders:

  • Not having to lace up your boots every time you go out (which as many of us know can be a real pain when its 10 degrees outside).
  • Typically less expensive.
  • Generally easier to put on and take off
  • typically warmer

Now, some of the disadvantages of boot-foot waders:

  • Most boot-foot waders are really big, baggy, and noisy making it much hard to creep up on fish.
  • Often times you cant find the right combination of things you may want in a wader (ex: I want a neoprene wader with lace up boots and rubber soles)
  • The worst part of boot-foot waders is if they leak, you’re out of a pair of boots AND waders. (unless of course they have a repair policy in which case might take several weeks to get back)

Here are the boot-foot waders we recommend:

Orvis Sonicseam Waterfowler Bootfoot Wader
orvis boot foot waders

Stocking-foot Waders

Stocking-foot waders are certainly the most popular of the two kinds. The advantages of buying stocking-foot waders are far more than that of the boot-foot.

Advantages of stocking-foot waders:

  • This is for various reasons; mainly because they tend to be a bit more high-quality than boot-foot.
  • The great thing about stocking-foot waders is they can be purchased separately from your boots.
  • If you get a nice big hole in your waders, you can just replace the waders and keep your boots.

As far as disadvantages go:

  • The only real disadvantage of purchasing stocking-foot waders is they’re just not as warm as boot-foot.

If you’d like to purchase some stocking-foot waders this is what we recommend:

Redington Crosswater Fishing Wader
reddington stocking-foot wader

Orvis Men’s Encounter Wader Medium
orvis stocking-foot wader

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