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In case you haven’t already used or heard about this product I want to tell you a little bit about tungsten putty. I started using tungsten putty about a year ago after a fellow shop owner nearby recommended it to me. I’ve found it to be a much better alternative to using split shot.

There’s several great things about using tungsten putty as opposed to traditional split shot. Here’s a list of the advantages to name a few:

  • The best part of using tungsten putty is the fact that it is completely reusable.
  • It doesn’t create weak spots in your line.
  • You can add weight at any increment (your not limited to using a standard weight).
  • Much lower profile than split shot.

Through my use of tungsten putty the only disadvantage I’ve been able to find is that it does tend to slide from time to time.

If you think you’d like to purchase some, here’s a link: Orvis Heavy Metal Extra Sink Putty

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